We started a Real-time CG Company in Yokohama Japan

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Crazy freelance work offers in Artstation

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Regarding PayPal system error in Japan

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The most common mistake in CG project management and how to fix it

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150 Billion Dollar Industry

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Testing 3D software on M1 Max Macbook Pro (32GB model)

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You should use Movie Render Queue

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Unreal, Substance 3D on battery power? Thoughts on 2021 Macbook Pro M1

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Most annoying issues in UE5 EA2

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Manager, don’t do this mistake on Slack

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Better way to disable lights (or meshes) in Unreal Engine

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Splotches in Raytraced environments in Unreal Engine 5

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New site design going live soon

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Vaughan on Houdini

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African CG Art

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Stroke Interpolate in ZBrush 2021

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How to stop SteamVR from loading automatically

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Fun with PD Howler 2022

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International Space Station. Textured. $2.

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MetaHuman Creator is a Breakthrough

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You should use Material Functions in Unreal Engine

Adjust normal map strength in Unreal Engine

Thoughts on Autodesk Flex

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Don’t forget to uncheck sRGB

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Installing Nvidia RTXGI Plugin for Unreal Engine

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Knife Brushes in ZBrush

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Gumroad Year End Sale

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Backing up 3ds Max Settings

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Thanks Chaosgroup for VRayBitmap

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MacBook Pro 16″ for CG, really?

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Free HDRI Studio Interior

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Substance Painter to V-Ray Next Tutorial

Skull Ring

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HDRI Environments Pack

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Ryzen 2700x on Asus B350 Prime

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Aged Wood Substance Designer Tutorial

Material blends in Substance Designer

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Wood Substance Collection

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Output Size and My Gumroad Refund Policy

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Covered Barrels Prop for Unity

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Late 2013 MacBook Pro Battery

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Featured in 80.lv and CG Channel

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Seaside Rocks Substance Video

Seaside Rocks Substance

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My Gumroad site

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Game Asset in Substance Painter Project File

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DNA Double Helix 3D model

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Creating Substance with Exposed Parameters

Substance Painter Material Breakdown

Sci-Fi Console

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Thousand subsribers

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Live Boolean in ZBrush 4R8 + Array Mesh

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Low Poly Artifacts in Cycles render (Terminator Artifact)

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Disable Wacom circle in Photoshop CC (Windows 10)

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Wood Floor PBR in Substance Designer

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Yokohama Landmark Tower 3D model

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Low poly game character

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Unreal Engine Modular Sewer Tunnel

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Long time no see

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Can’t reply to the comments in Youtube

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Look at game asset: Curved Platform

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List of 5 Reasons to use NAS

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Opinion: Why I will switch back to PC?

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Custom Alphas in ZBrush tutorial

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Marmoset toolbag 3 announced

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Pictrix UV_Creeper

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160 free Xfrog 3D plant models

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Modo 10.2

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How to use Morph Target in ZBrush Sculpting

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Above the Fold Optimization and SEO

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ZModeler and Dynamic Subdiv in ZBrush

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ZBrushCore vs 3D-Coat

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Quick Diamond Knurl in 3D-Coat

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3D-Coat Review and Guide (PC version 4.7) 2016

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UV mapping in 3D Coat

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ZBrush 4R7 PanelLoop Presets explained

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From ZBrush Summit: ZBrush 4R8 Revealed

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ZBrushCore and what we know now

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100 Subscribers; Thanks!

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Curves in 3D Coat Video Tutorial

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How to fix chromatic aberration in Lightroom

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Don’t forget to BACKUP (VLOG)

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Data Matters, Vaultpress

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Using 3D Coat on a mac? Better not to upgrade to Sierra

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PBR texturing in 3D Coat Tutorial

zBrush Summit 2016 and thoughts on zBrush

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Apogee Element

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Primitives in 3D Coat Tutorial

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Lightroom RAW Processing Video Tutorial

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Do you remember how Apple was like?

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Daily Show

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Possible Issues with Concave Polygons in 3D Modeling

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Homemade Snoot from Pringles’ Box Video

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Getting into 3D modelling and animation

Unexpected Source Within Us

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Do you need UV filter aka. lens protector?

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Layer Masks Trick in Photoshop CC

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My Honest iPhone 6s Plus Camera Review

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Here is my 3D Coat PBR texturing tutorial

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Thoughts on the iPhone 7 camera

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Photoshop Adjustment Layers trick

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Videomaker: On Microphones

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Photoshop Camera Raw Tutorial

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Strength and Elegance

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Entry with Audio

May 11, 2015/by crwjaakko

A small gallery

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A nice entry

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Entry without preview image

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Entry with Post Format “Video”

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Voigtlander Bessa R3M In-Depth Review

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Fujifilm Finepix X100 Review

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