I found a way to disable Wacom circle in Photoshop CC; you know that annoying clockwise turning circle that pops up in in Photoshop CC.

While it’s handy to have brush settings available when right clicking, with pen this doesn’t really work. It’s rather annoying and destroys usability of Wacom Tablet in Photoshop.

The fix is to go to Control Panel, Ease of Access Center and click Make touch and tablets easier to use.

Go to accessibility settings to disable wacom circle in photoshop cc

Under “See also” there is “Make touch easier to use”. Click that and there is the option for “Press and hold”. Select it and press Settings… There, uncheck “Enable press and hold for right-clicking”. Voila!! A way to disable wacom circle in Photoshop!

Disable wacom circle in photoshop cc

This works in the current version of Windows 10. I have heard reports that sometimes Windows resets this setting so it maybe necessary to get back in there and change it back when OS is updated.

It is also possible to disable “Use Windows Ink” in Wacom Tablet Properties, but this will cause Photoshop CC to stop recognizing Wacom tablet pressure so this really wasn’t a fix.

I am using Wacom Intuos Pro M (2014) model. I am not sure if this fix helps users of other tablets, but it’s certainly worth a try.

Also make sure that you have latest drivers for your Wacom tablet from Wacom site.

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  1. Amare says:


    NOTE: On my PC there was no section titled Make Touch and Tablets Easier in the Ease of Access directory. Instead, in All Control Panel Items there is a button titled Pen and Touch where you can find the settings needed to make the change.


  2. Definitely Not Vicky says:

    I just got a new computer and I forgot how I turned it off before. It was driving me nuts.

  3. Lemming says:

    Oh thank GOODNESS! I couldn’t find this setting in the Pen And Touch Settings anymore! Why are they hiding it when MOST people HATE this feature! Windows Pen + Ink is AWFUL for graphics tablets! It ruins my flow, causes errors with the intended program from Wacom, and doesn’t add anything to the game lol!

  4. Cesare Tarabocchia says:

    It didn’t work yet to me.
    But I found another setting doing the same : Settings/Devices/Pen and Windows Ink/”Show suggested apps”
    Disable such option to get rid of a “type 1” circle, the most annoying.
    Such circle appeared after a Windows 10 Update, June 2018

  5. carleigh says:

    you’re the only one who had the solution that works on my laptop. bless your soul.💖❣💟💞💘💝💜💕💖💝

  6. Graham Mitchell says:

    Same here. This worked! Registry changes had no effect. Pen and touch settings are not there if you don’t have a touch screen and unticking use windows ink loses the pen pressure.

  7. Jeffrey Sugahara says:

    Thanks a ton. Very clear cut. I had to do the fix before, and I just completely forgot after purchasing a new computer.

  8. NStellar says:

    Bookmarking this forever. THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!!!! Tablet really is unusable when trying to paint digitally or do complicated selections good grief what a silly thing to have on by default. Saved my butt you did 🙂

  9. Winifred Smith says:

    Hurrah, the first to work. I have a small Bamboo pen and was just not using it at all for the constant circle and pop ups ruining anything I tried to do.

  10. Arlcrane says:

    It appears that Windows has changed things up, as with the current Windows 10 version, 1903, things have changed from your excellent directions. There is no “See Also” in the “Ease of Access Center”, and searching “Make Touch Easier to Use” results nothing.

    I’ve searched around in “Devices” > “Pen and Windows Ink”, and I suspect there is some setting here which may correspond with the fix which you’ve described. Do you, or anyone, have any input or update? Thanks!

  11. Andrew says:

    Found it. hit winkey+R, type:
    Rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL tabletpc.cpl

    This will bring up the Pen and Touch window. Click on “Press and hold” then Settings.

    Uncheck “Enable Press and hold for rightclicking”

    You’re welcome. I accept fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

  12. Kristoffer says:

    Found it (not same place as in this blog):

    Go to “Ease of access” in control panel
    Search for “touch” and see all results
    Choose “Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input”
    Click “other”
    Click “go to pen and touch” …

    Windows is testing my nerves..


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