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About Us

I believe in creative potential of human. Why? Let me tell my story.

I was adopted when I was two years old. My mother and father had a difficult situation in their life and they couldn’t look after me. So my grandma took care of me in a small house in middle of a beautiful forest. But she suffered from a heart condition and it became clear that she wouldn’t be able to take care of me. So I was adopted to a new family.

I was lucky to find beautiful people and beautiful scenery, so my early childhood days were mostly happy. But I was bullied in school, mostly because my height was lesser than average and because of my adoption. I was a laughing stock in the school and couldn’t make almost any friends. I absolutely hated school. In Finland it is custom that men join the armed forces at age of eighteen. I didn’t do well at all. I got injured within two weeks; fell into this dark hole in forest. I got released from the service, 5 months earlier than other men.

My second father was very concerned about me and my future. After all I even couldn’t finish even high school and I returned back from army earlier than others. What could ever become of this unsure, near anorexic Jaakko who mostly likes to spend time in front of his computer and synth modules? Well, let’s fast forward a bit.

I’m living in a foreign country now. I speak three languages. I have a family and what many would call a happy life. I designed a website for one of the most respected design brands in Finland. My music was played in outer space. I held several independent photo exhibitions in Japan.

But most importantly, I’m quite happy these days. Sure, mostly this is because of the wonderful people who I have met and who have supported me. But I believe we all are born with ability to do something wonderful and unique. Nobody is perfect but everyone is good at something. We should have courage to be weird and different. Believe in you, and take the first step to be real you. Never waste your time trying to be someone who you are not.

I wish to offer my support for your voyage If you are into CG graphics, music making or graphic design, and want to learn awesome skills, please check my Youtube channel. I am uploading daily videos about the things that we all can do.

I hope you enjoy this site, and let’s be optimistic.