I have created collection of seven different wood substances that I use on regular basis in my projects, both in Substance Painter and Unreal Engine. These are versatile materials that you can use in your projects or build upon. All of the substances come in .sbs and .sbsar formats and are all completely procedural.

The collection includes following:

  • Medieval Wood
  • Aged Wood Planks
  • Dark Fine Wood
  • Worn Wood Floor
  • White Painted Wood
  • Wood Floor Substance
  • Rough Cheap Wood
Wood Substance Collection (7 different wood substances) is now available in my Gumroad.

I have carefully crafted these and updated the materials over the years to take advantage of new nodes in Substance Designer.

Example of Substance source graph in of Aged Wood Planks substance which is also part of the Wood Substance Collection.
Example of nodes in Aged Wood Planks Substance file included in the Wood Substance collection.

I have looked over several real wood samples and felt and touched them to try to analyze their properties.

To create material from from scratch in Substance Designer can offer more accurate and clean result than a photo scan or even worse a bitmap image conversion.

Substance Designer offers so flexible workflow with materials that can be adjusted easily after the creation, and parts of the graph can also be used in other projects. Having a solid substance source library is very handy indeed.

Medieval Wood is one of the Substances in my collection.

All of the substances are also tested in Substance Painter to work accurately and flawlessly.

The popular wood floor Substance is included as well in both .sbs and .sbsar formats.

The popular wood floor substance is also part of the collection.

Substances are also being used in VFX and CG film industry, not only in games. Blade Runner 2049 featured Oscar winning texture pipeline that is based on Substance is something to look at.

I have used some of the flood materials in commercial architecture renders as well.

I used my PBR substances in some of the interior renders I created in Blender Cycles.
Some interior renders I created using Substance

Substance offers great flexibility over traditional texture workflow.

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