I just got offer from a company offering freelance work in Artstation. In addition of asking me to complete free art test they suggested the following:

1- Per model system you will be paid for the model, validated by the client, depending on the complexity level 
– Low complexity: 15 euro 
– Medium complexity: 19-25 euro 
– High Complexity: 27-30 euro 
– Casuastic: extreme complexity 
If the modeler is doing only the “mesh” part (without textures) , this price would be reduced to 50 % 

2- Monthly system assure you a constant volume of production with fixed remuneration 
– PRO-modelling level (if you have developed the high level of skills + english ) 
– Master-modelling level: our basic, designated for modelers who would be creating Mesh and textures for PBR models 
– Pro modelling : starting from 700 euro for 10 models all complexity 
– Master modeling : 200 euro for 10 models per month all complexity 

And the abuse goes on.

So let’s break this down.

High complexity model with textures is in best case 30 euros. High complexity model with textures can easily take a week to make. So in that case daily salary is 6 euro.

The CG industry is soon to become 160 Billion dollar industry. How is this not abuse of artists?

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