Very quick fun with Project Dogwaffle Howler

I have been following the development of this unique painting software called PD Howler (Project Dogwaffle) The new version is full of super unique features and brushes.

I was able to come up with this painting quite quickly using the brushes. One thing that Howler has going for it it’s unique painting features. This won’t be replacing Photoshop anytime soon for photo editing but I love the surprises this has to offer especially what comes to it’s painting capabilities – I just don’t want to end the painting session. I just love this kind of experimental art software. This does all kinds of things, also animation, frame interpolation and upscaling.

I will be writing more about this in very near future including the ray tracing engine (or more accurately a ray caster) Puppy Ray.

PD Howler 21 is available on Steam here.

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