I modeled Yokohama Landmark Tower in 3D using Blender. (Now available in Turbosquid) As I live in Yokohama this is a structure that I see quite often. This is such a lovely piece of architecture, so modern and urban, a mark of Yokohama.

This was quite fun project to do. It’s interesting to realize that when I model architecture I notice things about it that I wouldn’t normally think about. It’s like reverse-engineering architecture..

This was based on satellite data to get exactly accurate proportion. I just followed the photos and reference as close as I could for modeling, nothing special. I created the slots for the windows using geometry just so that I can get a little more shadow detail than I would get from normal maps. Often in 3d models windows are sunk in too deep, while in real world they sit almost flush to the surface.

When I create models like this I try to keep attention to detail as high as possible but also be subtle with smaller details.

I made textures to the model using Substance Designer and Substance Painter. The building walls share same texture space since they are really exactly the same thing. The smaller details like antennas on the roof are unique to each side so this should help a little to break the uniform feel. The model has just a single 4K texture and everything is packed into it. It was fun making the leak marks using the physical brushes in Substance Painter.

The model has PBR textures in metal-rough workflow.

Please support me by buying the model in Turbosquid.