There is not much more else to say. Creator Prateek Aggarwal has released entire International Space Station with textures for $2.

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Now also business and studio licenses are available for which the discount also applies.

HDRI Render Studio
Grab this free HDRI Studio Interior

This is a HDRI I created years back in Blender. Since then I have kept using this for several professional projects in V-Ray, Marmoset, Arnold and even Substance Painter.

HDRI such as this is really useful for making not only reflections look great but as a image based lighting. And they work in virtually all major 3D packages.

This is now free in my Gumroad, so please grab it. I have also made a collection of HDRI environments.

Skull Ring game asset

I revisited old 3D asset I created, around ten years ago, and created some modern materials for it in Substance. I created the render in Marmoset Toolbag.

Sometimes it’s fun to create something quickly.

I created this HDRI Environments Pack recently. This is a huge collection of 14 high quality HDRI environments I have created over the years. These are in 11K-8K resolution.

They include several high altitude aerial HDRI, several landscapes and even interior render studio that I have used over the years for my projects. This HDRI pack is a must have tool for any CG artist. Get HDRI Environments Pack

My Covered Barrels game prop is now available in Unity Assetstore. I am thankful for those many folks who bought it already. I am so glad that my work can be used in Unity now too.


Covered Barrels game prop is now available in Unity Assetstore.

Covered Barrels PBR Game Prop

Covered Barrels game prop is now available in Unity Assetstore.

It was quite interesting project to make and I made this video about it too.

I am pretty glad how this turned out. Having my own library of substances that I have built over the year proved handy. The tarp material creation was incredibly easy.

I might be creating more similar type prop assets. Having these in your scene can serve many purpose; they can be cover for the player in a stealth game, or can be used as props to communicate mood.

As usual if you have any question of these or any my other assets, please don’t be afraid to send me email.

DNA Double Helix 3D model

I created this DNA Double Helix 3D model in Blender using modifiers and SSS which was super easy to setup in Principled shader introduced in 2.79 for Cycles renderer.

Modeling DNA double helix 3d model using modifiers in Blender is a breeze. Basically the strand was created using a path. If one wants to animate the strand, adding a basic shape key to the path would allow perfect animation as the geometry will follow the path; nice and easy workflow.

The displacement is taking advantage of the adaptive subdivision which for some reason still considered “Experimental feature” in Cycles. This is super efficient as it subdivides the mesh dynamically based on the camera position. This allows more complex scenes to be rendered fully in GPU. Rendering with dual GPUs it was a breeze to come up with nice looking renders, even with effects like depth-of-field.

Lightwave has had the adaptive subdivision feature since early 9 so Blender certainly isn’t the first one in this camp. And I think this feature should be in the main feature set. However, although being called “experimental” the feature is mostly stable and I didn’t have any big issues as long as I kept the subdivisions in reasonable amount.

I did some searching and found out interesting article which mentions that DNA is actually near white.  The colours we traditionally add to DNA molecules is just for labeling purposes. I am big fan of the beginning sequence of Prometheus where the Engineer’s DNA is being rearranged. With things like this we can have some artistic freedom.

The model is a good starting point for more complex CG animation setup in Cycles. One could add particles or volumetric lighting to make the environment look like the strand is in some kind of liquid.

You can buy this DNA Double Helix 3D model royalty free at

I modeled Yokohama Landmark Tower in 3D using Blender. (Now available in Turbosquid) As I live in Yokohama this is a structure that I see quite often. This is such a lovely piece of architecture, so modern and urban, a mark of Yokohama.

This was quite fun project to do. It’s interesting to realize that when I model architecture I notice things about it that I wouldn’t normally think about. It’s like reverse-engineering architecture..

This was based on satellite data to get exactly accurate proportion. I just followed the photos and reference as close as I could for modeling, nothing special. I created the slots for the windows using geometry just so that I can get a little more shadow detail than I would get from normal maps. Often in 3d models windows are sunk in too deep, while in real world they sit almost flush to the surface.

When I create models like this I try to keep attention to detail as high as possible but also be subtle with smaller details.

I made textures to the model using Substance Designer and Substance Painter. The building walls share same texture space since they are really exactly the same thing. The smaller details like antennas on the roof are unique to each side so this should help a little to break the uniform feel. The model has just a single 4K texture and everything is packed into it. It was fun making the leak marks using the physical brushes in Substance Painter.

The model has PBR textures in metal-rough workflow.

Please support me by buying the model in Turbosquid.