So the old VRayHDRI node which was heavily used for all kinds of (also sdr) bitmap loading was now replaced with VRayBitmap. I suppose this is to signify that it is not only be used for floating point maps.

Whats really unbelievably fantastic about this is that it seems to support environment variables now for the file paths, in the form of ${VAR_NAME} syntax. This should help to transfer models with tons of materials to client for example.

Since VRayHDRI never supported 3ds Max asset tracking, defining non-absolute file paths for the texture files was impossible. So the absolute file path was always present and the client would get the whole local path of my computer which of course never matches client’s one. There are various scripts to address the issue, but still annoyance.

If I understood right it should be that one can simply define one path and this should be populated to all paths, which is a huge one.