UE5 Early Access 2 is fantastic to have as a testing grounds. According to Epic this is not supposed to be used as a production tool. This is likely to still change somewhat until the final release.

I wanted to list the most annoying problems I have so far with UE5 EA2 and I plan to update this with the fixes as they come. This is written as of October 17th, 2021.

  1. High-resolution Screenshot tool crashes.. a lot. At this time it is nearly impossible to get anything higher than 1X captured this way.
  2. Subsurface doesn’t work. (Subsurface Profile however works)
  3. Lumen reflections are often weird and soft (as this is still being developed)
  4. Lumen interior lighting is weird and kind of broken.
  5. No tesselation. Only way to tesselate terrain is to use Virtual Heightfields. This is can be a deal breaker.
  6. No cascades
  7. Splotches on meshes when using Raytracing. Use th is to fix: r.raytracing.normalbias 32
  8. Wrong textures with Nanite meshes. Here is fix. Set the Skylight to movable.
  9. VR Preview crashes the editor when playing
  10. Some 4.27 assets will not work but also Niagara systems from 4.26 will crash the editor.

This all said, this still early access and we likely will see most of them addressed in coming months. I also wish the versioning of the early access was made more obvious in the launcher. It is not obvious at all if we are using EA1 or EA2 and so on.