Pictrix Plugins are mostly free in

Pictrix website is in Japanese, but don’t worry. The plugins are all in English

I made a video about using a very useful UV_Creeper plugin by Pictrix, great developer here in Japan who have done Lightwave plugins such as PX_Bezier. site has whole collection of their plugins and also you can find their stuff in their yummy! website which is completely in Japanese. It’s great to see Lightwave plugin developers here in Japan.

UV_Creeper is super simple to use and it gives near perfect and often completely perfect results on shapes like tubes or wires. You just need to select two points along a line, this will tell to the plugin to look a position for a seam. If the model has no modeling errors this will work. I have had problem of this crashing on models which had problems. If the plugin crashes, check your mesh.

This is clearly hands down the best UV mapping plugin for Lightwave for this purpose. I have used this over and over again over several years now, texturing cables, handrails, braided wires, water tubes, tunnels and more and more.

I will be doing more Lightwave plugin tutorials and reviews before Christmas this year, so please stay tuned.