Go to Editor/Plugins and disable SteamVR.

Recently I have had issues with 4.27 loading a project. The engine would crash on start without even giving me an error. The culprit seemed to be SteamVR, disabling that removed the problem.

To stop SteamVR from loading automatically, all you need to do is to disable this from the Editor>Plugins. Uncheck “Enabled” and restart and it should no longer load.

Some users have also been able to stop the plugin from loading by editing this file in Unreal installation.


and make sure that this is false.

“EnabledByDefault” : false,

I think I am among many others who feel SteamVR should not be enabled by default. But then this would mean that HMDs won’t work by default. However as of 4.27 the Editor won’t even load properly with SteamVR enabled so no choice for me at least here.