Few months back I participated on a project as a freelance CG artist making environments. Some organizational changes happened and I was no longer needed. I was on my way out, saying goodbye to folks and suddenly I was logged out of Slack. I couldn’t even finish the sentence or even say thanks. I was just deleted.

About a year ago, same thing happened. I knew the person I was working with so I could still reach him with email, but similarly I got no notice, instead a taste of a rubber boot.

Then again, yesterday. I got suddenly logged out.

I would understand if I had done some unforgivable mistake and earning a kick to the behind, but I didn’t. I would like to think I had been helpful to the projects. But getting a good old Nokia to the rear does make me doubt how valuable I was afterall.

For good heavens sake, proper way to do this would be to write at least a short note. I also think Slack could improve it’s service by at least giving option to automatically send them, a pre-written template by Slack would do just fine.

Here is example for you managers. Feel free to copy-paste this if it is too difficult to write one yourself:

“I’d like to thank you for the collaboration! It has been a blast, hope to get to work with you again. As the work is completed we got to remove your Slack account, but let’s keep in touch! You can contact me at XXXX.”

I hope this helps.