Beauty within you.

Here are some thoughts about the future of my channel.

It’s never easy to make something new, or try something for the first time. We get a lot of resistance, knocks and small rejections. We need to be resilient and flexible. We must not give up.

I have this crazy dream. I want to empower others and offer my strength to others. I have been in the creative industry in different roles for so long. I have had my company Shima Media (that’s long time ago). I did graphic design and website design. I teached young wonderful students how to use their passion to create. I made commercial movie for Getty Images.

I would like to be a kind of a guide for creators. Anyone can be a creator, if we take the effort and have right attitude. Chances are that you already have the tools you need to create something unique and powerful. Instead of buying something what someone else has done, what about do it yourself and have fun doing it? This will ensure your vision and originality. And can be a tons of fun.

I hope you enjoy my channel. Let’s  create new world together.