Someone told me the other day, “What you are doing is just like child’s play”.  I silently congratulated myself. If this is so, then I must be doing something right, I thought with instinct.

Now, we often forget what we can do. I was looking for some stock images for this article, but then I remembered, I have a huge library of images of my own. Then I chose this photo I took in Jeju island of my wonderful photographer friend Sinji. A perfect image for this article. But still, how could I forgot?

Unexpected source within

Unexpected source within us

One of the reasons why I started this blog and my youtube channel is that I believe that we have this unexpected source in ourselves. By talking about things we can do and about stuff that helps us to do it, (such as reasonable cost but extremely high quality microphones) I could help someone.

I remember architect company whose manager’s son was a big fan of making game levels with Unreal Engine. When his father saw the graphical fidelity of the level he asked his son’s help. The son was able to produce visualisations of the buildings that were so detailed that they ended up kind of hiring him. This is the unexpected source I’m talking about. When we are playing like a child (well, granted, level editor in UE4 doesn’t look like child’s play one bit!), we can come up with miracle stuff. Playing like a child, we can be able to come up with stuff that’s worth of some serious money.

So next time when your company needs some stock music for that video clip of yours, how about get that Garageband open in your mac (it comes free with your mac after all), gather your company folks together for a jam session! At least you are going to have tons of fun doing it and you might come up with really original music! Trust me, it’s worth it.