Post Apocalyptic Melee Weapons Documentation

Five unique assets are included in the package. Included are:

  • Kukri Knife (kukriknife) (1684 vertices, 2618 tris)
  • Lead Pipe (leadpipe) (1602 vertices, 1939 tris)
  • Sawtooth Axe (sawtooth_axe) (4140 vertices, 5664 tris)
  • Tomahawk (tomahawk) (1410 vertices, 2126 tris)
  • Survival Knife (survivalknife) (2741 vertices, 3524 tris)

Each of the assets have 4K PBR metal-roughness Maps in RGB packed format for Unreal Engine 4. Included are Basecolor, Normal, Roughness, Metallic and Ambient occlusion.

UVs are non-overlapping.